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Living your best life

Leah shares the journey of her relationship with Jesus - and how we were meant to live our best life through a relationship with Jesus Christ. Her down-to-earth delivery and openness is so relatable - yet you can still ponder your own journey as you hear her story. Get ready to be inspired and excited about the possiblities and joy that life has to offer!

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The Pearl

One of the most powerful messages that Dr. Ramnath has shared, "The Pearl" continues to be one of his most talked about teachings. In this message, he relates the Kingdom to the cultivation and development of a pearl, giving you an in-depth and creative delivery that is sure to bring you to a deeper level of understanding.

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MKCC Dancers bringing the Glory

Posted by Pepe Ramnath on Sunday, January 27, 2019
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Leadership Effectiveness

The true effectiveness of a leader is in their absence. This is why Jesus said it was better that he go to the Father. Leaders that always demand their leaders presence are not ready to lead anyone. We were trained by the best!!! (Dr Myles Munroe has gone from our presence but not from our leadership)